Inspired from the success of Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League was formed in 2011, with eight teams from six Australian cities. Of the many sporting events which take place in Australia, the Big Bash League and Women Big Bash League are the hottest sports tournaments which take place during December and January.

BBL at its heart is filled with the same level of flamboyance and enthusiasm as any other cricket tournament, and top talents from all across the world come together to participate in this league.

Big Bash League

Before dwelling into the details of Big Bash League 2019-20, here are a few things you should know about this cricket tournament which is quintessentially Australian:

  1. Men’s Big Bash League is played in between 8 teams from different cities of Australia. These teams are city-based franchises, and it is not uncommon for two teams to register from the same region.
  2. Perth Scorchers is the most successful team of this men’s big bash league with three titles to their name.
  3. Sydney Sixers is the most successful team in the women big bash league with two titles to their name.

Women Big Bash League

Women’s Big Bash League was introduced in 2015, with a similar format as Men’s Big Bash League. Here are a few quick facts about Women Big Bash League:

  1. Women’s Big Bash League is played in between 8 teams, similar to those of men. This means both men and women teams are participating in the tournament from a particular city.
  2. Women Big Bash League was announced as a replacement to Women T20 cup series in 2015.
  3. Sydney Sixers is the most successful team in the women big bash league with two titles to their name.

Tournament Format

Men’s BBL during its inaugural season in 2011 had 28 group stage matches, which was increased to 32 for the following seasons.

In 2018-19, the tournament featured 56 games with every team playing other teams twice before final series. While this remains same this season as well, BBL 2019-2020 has added a new twist to the game. To promote fair play for teams who dominate the regular season, this team five out of eight teams would be selected for deciding the winner. The five finals matches have all been given unique monikers; The Eliminator, The Qualifier, The Knock-Out, The Challenger and The Final.

  • The Eliminator will take place between 4th and 5th positioned teams.
  • The Qualifier will be played between 1st and 2nd positioned team.
  • The Knock-Out will take place between 3rd & the winner of The Eliminator
  • The Challenger round will take place between the loser of The Qualifier v winner of The Knock-Out
  • The Finals will take place between the winner of The Qualifier v winner of The Challenger.
While this new format presents a unique opportunity for 5th positioned team to lift the trophy, they will have to win all of their four final matches away from home in 9 days.

KFC Big Bash 2019-20 will commence on December 17, 2019, and the finals are scheduled to be held on February 8, 2020.

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